Finally, a transparent way to track all your goods!

Our smart IoT backend and robust sensors make connected logistics and Industry 4.0 possible.
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The essence of blik

What we provide

transparent logistics

Indoor localization

industry 4.0 enabled

Intelligent sensors

process security

Smart analyzes

extensive compatibility

APIs for third party systems

reliable data source

Reduced shortages

increased productivity

Break down avoidance

for learning organizations

Steep learning curve

Machine Learning enabled

Timely recognition of bottlenecks

Predictive Analytics in blik

Prediction Making

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Improved processes in logistics

Process reliability with real-time data

Searching and scanning processes as well as stock level uncertainty all lead to higher costs. blik helps cut costs by enabling real time tracking of goods. The live data optimizes processes and shortens intralogistic routes. blik provides digitalization through transparency in processes.

Completely digitalized data

A new level of data processing

Our proprietary technology allows us to supply unprecedented data quality and surfacing only the most relevant information quickly. The real-time overview offers consistency between the documented and real stock levels, which saves manual processes and provides a basis for warehouse optimization and digitalization.

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Customer experiences

Leading companies rely on blik

Several leading blue chip companies in various industries rely on blik. Through close collaboration with our customers, we work to create game changing products for a great value.

starting a new age easily

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